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Solo Chess from Gallant Knight
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Reference to cite: From Gallant Knight, April 2014,

Solo Chess is not a computer: it is a way to present some chess problems.
It is composed of two disks: one for the moves and one for the comments.
Two circle windows turn to uncover moves and comments.

The directions are:
- lay the paper under the panel in the frame
- turn each disk to the start position.
Set up the position on your chessboard and try to solve it.

If you don't find the solution or want to read it:
- turn the left disk to the right until you uncover the first move.
- continue turning to read the later moves.
When you read "note A" under a move, turn the right disk until you uncover note A.
Continue turning to read the later notes
All moves are under the left disk.
All comment is under the right disk.

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