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Championship Chessmate: Fischer versus Spassky (1972)
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Championship Chessmate is an interesting attempt to present the games between Fischer and Spassky:

• a move-by-move strategy slide that includes all 20 games of the 1972 Fischer/Spassky World Championship Match in Reykjavik, Iceland.
• a unique teaching device.

THE PLAY (from Championship Chessmate)

Simply set up your board and follow the two Grand Masters' every move.

Each slide card has a game on each side and is keyed at the bottom with game number.

The number and accompanying move by each player appears in the window openings as you pull the slide down.

For all games that exceed 38 moves, the holder itself should be inverted for continuation of the same game.

The individual slide cards should be completely taken out of the holder upon termina­tion of a game and reinserted for new game on reverse side of the slide card.


Note: You can replay these games with an oppo­nent or solitaire. If you play solitaire, play the white chess pieces.

Choose your own move before mov­ing the slide card to the next move.

If your move was the same as the Master's, continue on to pre­dict the next move.

If you didn't move as the experts, readjust your chess pieces to match the Mas­ter's move and begin the next challenging move.



READING CHESS CODE (from Championship Chessmate)

The first letter stands for the piece to be moved (K-King, Q-Queen, etc.) and the remaining notations describe which square the piece moves to.

The letter or letters after the hyphen describe which column the piece moves in.

For example, B stands for the Bishop column and QB or KB would be used when a particular piece could move to either Bishop column, thereby indicating whether it is the King side or the Queen side.

The number indicates which square in the column the piece moves to, always counting from which end of the board the pieces originate...white pieces count from the white side, black pieces count from the black side.

So if the code says white moves N-QB3 then the Knight moves to the Bishop column on the Queen side and to the third square counting from the white Queen-Bishop square.


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